Inner circle of moving KOD Outer circle of moving KOD


Born in Beijing

It started with an idea: Introduce authentic hip-hop to China.

That idea became a reality in 2004 when Beijing’s Bo “Bobo” Gao founded Keep On Dancing (KOD).

Before KOD, hip-hop and street dance were mostly unknown in China. There were no dance competitions that played hip-hop music, embraced street fashion, or promoted the lifestyle. But when the people got a taste of real hip-hop, the movement spread quickly…

More than fifteen years later, and KOD is a global sensation. With over 30 countries representing in the KOD World Cup, and partnerships in international media and dance instruction, the next KOD promises to be the biggest ever.

No matter how much the competition grows, KOD’s mission will always be to promote real hip-hop.

KOD is a culture. It’s a mindset. It’s a place for dancers and artists to build, learn, and grow. It’s a call to anyone who loves hip-hop: Keep On Dancing.